Laurence Grigorov Leads South African Property Development Firm

Laurence Grigorov

Laurence Grigorov has served as executive director of the Johannesburg, South Africa-based residential property development firm Laurence Martin Developments (LMD) since its founding in 2004. With a background in engineering and business management, Laurence Grigorov oversees the company, which performs all phases of architectural design and construction for luxury cluster developments, sectional title complexes, and custom homes in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Under his leadership, LMD provides end-to-end project management for turnkey residential developments, with a comprehensive set of services ranging from land assessment and procurement to finance and marketing.

Prior to the establishment of LMD, Mr. Grigorov served as director of Laurence Martin & Associates, an engineering company that manufactured hydraulic presses for various manufacturing and engineering industries as well as PPR Performance Filters, where he directed the design, production, and sale of aftermarket automotive air filters. He worked earlier in his career as a project and maintenance engineer for Unilever, where he contributed to the design and installation of automated tank and dosing systems for a new manufacturing facility.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Laurence Grigorov contributes to several philanthropic organizations operating in South Africa, including the Johannesburg Children’s Home, the South African National Council for the Blind, and the volunteer-run National Sea Rescue Institute.